Mission Outreach & Justice Committee (MOJC)

Chair: Rev. Krin Van Tatenhove,


The Mission Outreach and Justice Committee (MOJC) encourages, supports, networks with connectional mission and ministry partnerships among congregations, regions, ecumenical and interfaith organizations to participate in the witness of the church of God's activity of Jesus Christ in the world through its life for others and to, promote and enable ministries of social, racial, and general justice, peacemaking, and self-empowerment throughout the congregations of MIssion Presbytery.


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2017 Meeting Dates:

January 13, 10:00 AM--Noon @ Mission Presbytery Conference Room-San Antonio


International Mission Highlight for November 2016
Am I included in the worldwide ministry of Jesus Christ on Earth?

By Tom O'Meara, Ruling Elder, Shepherd of the Hills Presbyterian Church

September 27, 2016

Just before Jesus left the eart to be with the Fater he left us instructions:

"Therefore goand make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age." Matthew 28:19-20 New International Version (NIV)

Did Jesus really mean that? Was he talking to me?

Some of us are called to leave home and family and travel to a distant land to preach the word of God to unreached people in distant lands. But even those who stay home with our families have an opportunity to participate in the ministry of Jesus Christ on earth, through our connection to our local Presbyterian church and through its connection to Presbyterian Church i the United States of America, and through PC(USA)'s partnerships with churches throughout the world.

What are Mission Coworkers:

Presbyterian Mission Agency is engaged in actively organizing, training and equipping long term and short term missionaries to many nations, under the supervision of World Mission, whose headquarters lies in Louisville KY, with area and regional directors in many nations. World Misison has 142 mission coworkers in 50 countries. Each coworker is working within a partner church i nthe country where he or she is assigned.

More information and how your congregation can be involved

Local Mission Highlight for November 2016
The Central Mission

The Central Mission is a program of Central Presbyterian Church, Austin. As a downtown Austin church, Central Presbyterian started Central Mission in 2012 to meet the basic needs neighbors who are homeless to connect them with resources that could begin to lead them to housing. Central Mission provides a breakfast once a week for up to 80 people, offers them hygiene products, provides clothing items for 20 individuals, addresses financial issues such as IDs, local bus passes, and bus tickets to family or friends that can provide shelter, and provides financial assistance for rent, utility bills, and storage locker rentals.

Central Pres does this work and witness through the efforts of many volunteers. In 2015, they hosted, fed, and assisted about 3600 guests, and did this through the efforts of more than 66 volunteers who donated over 2600 volunteer-hours. Every week, 15-25 volunteers prepare breakfast, organize the clothes closet, distribute the hygiene kits, and provide basic case-management counseling and pastoral care.

Central Pres holds firm to the belief that this program is the work of the Gospel in action as they feed, clothe, and care for those in need. The homeless individuals who come through their doors are not treated as “clients” – they are treated as neighbors whom the church hopes to build relationships with.



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