Presbyterian Churches In San Antonio

Alamo Heights Presbyterian Church (San Antonio)
6201 Broadway San Antonio TX 78209-4562 Phone: 210-824-0271
Pastor: Rev. Richard Knott
Office Email:
Fax: 210-824-0273
Boldtville Presbyterian Church (San Antonio)
6631 New Sulphur Springs Rd San Antonio TX 78263-2501 Phone: 210-648-1231
Pastor: Rev. Susan C. Royston
Office Email:
Covenant Presbyterian Church (San Antonio)
211 Roleto San Antonio TX 78213-2414 Phone: 210.342.5253
Pastor: Rev. Dan Milford
Office Email:
Fax: 210.342.0736
Crestholme Presbyterian Church (San Antonio)
1602 Goliad Rd San Antonio TX 78223-2722 Phone: 210-333-1301
Stated Supply: Rev. Stephen Nickle
Office Email:
Fax: 210-333-1301
Divine Redeemer Presbyterian Church (San Antonio)
407 N. Calaveras San Antonio TX 78207-2807 Phone: 210.433.9551
Pastor: Rev. Robert W. Mueller (Rob)
MEYO Director: Lea Watson
House of Teens Coordinator: Vacant
Office Email:
Fax: 210.434.2309
Iglesia Emmanuel Presbyterian Church (San Antonio)
713 Division Avenue San Antonio TX 78225-2523 Phone: 210-922-7153
Contact: Clerk, Frank Gomez
Moderator: Rev. Walter Lee
Office Email:
Fax: 210-927-0747
First Korean Presbyterian Church (San Antonio)
4115 Eisenhauer Road San Antonio TX 78218-3412 Phone: 210-657-3057
Pastor: Rev. Shinchan (Peter) Jeong
Office Email:
Fax: 210-637-5165
Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church (San Antonio)
725 Cedarhurst Drive San Antonio TX 78227-4429 Phone: 210-674-6991
CRE: Iris Amon
Moderator: Rev. Dick Lavender
Office Email:
Grace Presbyterian Church (San Antonio)
950 Donaldson San Antonio TX 78228-3253 Phone: 210-735-9419
Stated Supply: Rev. Lorna Jean Miller
Office Email:
Fax: 210-734-3458
Holy Trinity Presbyterian Church (San Antonio)
16245 Nacogdoches San Antonio TX 78247-1004 Phone: 210-654-3411
Pastor: Vacant
Office Email:
Fax: 210-654-0161
Cross Roads Church: A PCUSA Congregation (San Antonio)
8102 Midcrown San Antonio TX 78239-2535 Phone: 210-657-4441
Pastor: Rev. Brian Diebold
Office Email:
Fax: 210-657-2747
Los Angeles Heights Presbyterian Church (San Antonio)
2002 W. Olmos Dr San Antonio TX 78201-3903 Phone: 210-735-2213
Stated Supply: Rev. Richard (Rich) Lounsbery
Office Email:
Madison Square Presbyterian Church (San Antonio)
319 Camden Street San Antonio TX 78215-2002 Phone: 210-226-6254
Pastor: Rev. Bart Roush
Office Email:
Fax: 210-226-9119
Northminster Presbyterian Church (San Antonio)
6800 Tezel Rd San Antonio TX 78250-4117 Phone: 210-680-4825
Interim: Rev. Carl McCauley
Office Email:
Fax: 210-680-4826
Northwood Presbyterian Church (San Antonio)
518 Pike Place San Antonio TX 78209-3143 Phone: 210-824-7238
Pastor: Rev. Traci Smith
Pastor Emeritus: Rev. Frank L. Seaman
Associate for Youth Ministries: David Germer
Office Email:
Fax: 210-824-7271
Oak Hills Presbyterian Church (San Antonio)
6739 Callaghan Rd San Antonio TX 78229-4644 Phone: 210-342-0271
Pastor: Vacant Children's Education Director: Susanna Ebenstein
Office Email:
Fax: 210-341-1066
Pilgrim Presbyterian Church (San Antonio)
1846 Basse Rd San Antonio TX 78213-4606 Phone: 210-735-4080
Stated Supply: Rev. David Roach
Office Email:
Fax: 210-735-4098
San Pedro Presbyterian Church (San Antonio)
14900 San Pedro San Antonio TX 78232-3711 Phone: 210-494-6560
Pastor: Rev. C. Calvin Reynolds
Associate Pastor: Rev. Paul Gaedke
Director of Children's Ministry: Karen Boenig
Office Email:
Fax: 210-494-7839
St. Andrew Presbyterian Church (San Antonio)
8231 Callaghan Rd San Antonio TX 78230-4722 Phone: 210-341-4441
Interim Pastor: Rev. Karen Stocks
Office Email:
Fax: 210-341-4052
University Presbyterian Church (San Antonio)
300 Bushnell Ave. San Antonio TX 78212-5334 Phone: 210-732-9927
Interim Pastor: Rev Sansom Williams
Parish Associate/Moderator: Rev. Frank Seaman
Director of Christian Education: David Germer
Office Email:
Fax: 210-734-6354

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