Presbyterian Churches In Austin

New Covenant Fellowship Presbyterian Church (Austin)
1507 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 6 Austin TX 78722 Phone: 512-334-3041
Moderator: Rev. Rebecca Longino
Office Email:
Fax: 512-374-1028
Presbyterian Church of Lake Travis (Austin)
14820 Hamilton Pool Road Austin TX 78738 Phone: 512-494-5950
Pastor: Rev. Laura Walters
Office Email:
Shepherd of the Hills (Austin)
5226 W. William Cannon Drive Austin TX 78749-2244 Phone: 512-892-3580
Pastor: Rev. Dr. Leon Bloder
Associate Pastor: Rev. Britta Dukes
Office Email:
Fax: 512-892-6307
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church (Austin)
14311 Wells Port Drive Austin TX 78728-6826 Phone: 512-251-0698
Pastor: Rev. James Rigby
Director of Children's Ministry: Rev. Karen Gaudet
Ministerial Assistant: Rev. Ilene Dunn
Music Director & Web Master: David Marks
Youth Director: TJ Robinson
Office Email:
Fax: 512-251-2617
St. John's Presbyterian Church (Austin)
12420 Hewitt Lane Austin TX 78748 Phone: 512-282-6200
Pastor: Rev. Trey Haddon
Office Email:
Fax: 512-282-6800
Austin Taiwanese Presbyterian Church (Austin)
5300 Duval Road Austin TX 78727-6617 Phone: 512-418-8100
Moderator: Rev. Carol Friesen
Office Email:
Fax: 512-418-0089
University Presbyterian Church (Austin)
2203 San Antonio Street Austin TX 78705-5219 Phone: 512-476-5321
Pastor: Rev. Matt Gaventa
Associate Pastor for Youth and Family Ministries: Rev. John Leedy
Director of Campus Ministry (UKirk Ministries): Rev. Krystal Leedy
Office Email:
Fax: 512-492-9420
Westlake Hills Presbyterian Church (Austin)
7127 Bee Cave Road Austin TX 78746-4102 Phone: 512-327-1116
Pastor: Open
Senior Associate Pastor & Acting Head of Staff: Rev. Dr. Stacy Ikard
Associate Pastor (Missions): Rev. Claire Berry
Parish Associate: Rev. Chris Knepp
Director of Music: Emily Craven
Director of Adult Ministry & Member Engagement: Teresa Ward
Director of Family Ministry: Kyle Bender
Director of Preschool: Susan Bright
Director of Facilities: Kyle Key
Director of Finance: Anita Maxwell
Office Manager: Cynthia Mohle
Media & Technology Administrator: Michelle Collums

Office Email:
Fax: 512-328-4238
Westminster Presbyterian Church (Austin)
3208 Exposition Blvd Austin TX 78703-1200 Phone: 512-459-5497
Pastor: Rev. Bill Clark
Associate Pastor: Rev.Ellen Williams
Youth & Discipleship/Parish Assoc.:Rev. Lana Russell
Parish Associate: Rev.Judy Skaggs
Director, Children & Family Ministry: Charlotte Trafton
Office Administrator: Jessica Green

Office Email:
Fax: 512-459-5498
Central Presbyterian Church (Austin)
200 E. 8th Street Austin TX 78701-3210 Phone: 512-472-2445
Pastor: Rev. Katheryn Barlow-Williams
Associate Pastor: Rev. Kimberly Smith-Stanley
Parish Associate: Rev. Tom Estes, HR
Parish Associate: Rev. Jim Newman, HR
Parish Associate: Rev. Mary Swierenga HR
Office Email:
Fax: 512-472-2446
Covenant Presbyterian Church (Austin)
3003 Northland Austin TX 78757-5036 Phone: 512-454-5231
Pastor: Rev. Thomas Daniel
Associate Pastor: Rev. Jill Williams
Associate Pastor: Rev. Jonathon Wasson
Parish Associate/Older Adults: Rev. Beth Daniel
Youth Ministry: Nathan Richards/Whitney Bell
Children's Ministry: Stacey Grooms
Office Email:
Fax: 512-454-5358
El Buen Pastor (Austin)
1200 Willow Street Austin TX 78702-4341 Phone: 512-478-2221
Commissioned Ruling Elder: Absalon Lyra
Office Email:
Fax: 512-327-4702
Faith Presbyterian Church (Austin)
1314 E. Oltorf Austin TX 78704-5714 Phone: 512-444-1314
Pastor: Kyle M. Walker
Office Email:
Fax: 512-444-1380
First Presbyterian Church (Austin)
8001 Mesa Drive Austin TX 78731-1318 Phone: 512-345-8866
Pastor: Rev. Elizabeth McLean
Associate Pastor: Rev. Sarah Allen
Parrish Associate: Rev. Don Faulk
Clerk of Session: Richard Rew
Director of Operations: Jane Bassett
Financial Administrator: Tisho Arline
Office Email:
Fax: 512-345-0812
Genesis Presbyterian Church (Austin)
1507 Wilshire Blvd. Unit 1 Austin TX 78722-1100 Phone: 512-478-2565
Stated Supply: Rev. Amanda Richey
Office Email:
Fax: 512-478-6083
Hope Presbyterian Church (Austin)
11512 Olson Drive Austin TX 78750-2606 Phone: 512-258-9117
Pastor: Rev. Joshua Robinson
Temp Associate Pastor: Rev. Joel Moody
Office Email:
Fax: 512-258-7325
Hyde Park Presbyterian Church (Austin)
3915 Avenue B Austin TX 78751 Phone: 512-459-7747
Pastor: Rev. Linda Bourianoff
Office Email:
Fax: 512-459-9040

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